SOUND Spa & Wellness Workshop

Stress is a major component to a number of mental and physical health issues. Stress can manifest itself in different ways for different people and can arise out of a number of life events. Allowing yourself the opportunity to relax is key to keeping those stress and anxiety levels under control.

IASH SOUND Spa & Wellness programme, which are quick and relatively affordable, create both mental and physical health benefits.

The heat from a hot tub, sauna or steam shower soothes aches and pains from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint issues. Hydrotherapy, heat therapy along with the magical SOUND meditation & massage is the ultimate & most pleasurable way to relax, detox and rejuvenate us physically, mentally & emotionally.

People, who apply SOUND Massage & Meditation are scientifically proven to be happier and healthier? It’s true. And they have greatly extended life spans, too. As a matter of fact, there have been numerous studies showing that sound massage & meditation dramatically reduces, and even reverses disease of all types.

People attending & experiencing IASH SOUND Spa & wellness programme experience greater levels of happiness and health is because Sound massage significantly increases the brain’s production of several euphoric chemicals.

Massage & Meditation with SOUND is also known for providing its practitioners with superior mental and emotional health, it rids our minds of subconscious layers of anger, depression, anxiety, fear, phobias, and sadness, and produces a seemingly perfect mental and emotional balance.

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