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SOUND Meditation Workshop with IASH Singing Bowls/Gongs, Online or In-Person (60 minutes)

IASH SOUND meditations with cosmic Sound healing instruments “Singing Bowls & Gongs” utilize the power of visualization as well as infinite healing potential of SOUND to effect positive personal changes.

Basic Level 1 Sound Healing Workshop with IASH Level 1 Singing Bowls, Online or In-person (3 Hrs.)

An internationally acclaimed, Mind, Body, Spirit detoxification and realignment workshop with world’s one of the most amazing & powerful, Sound healing instruments IASH Singing Bowls.

Advanced Level 1, Sound Healing and Training Workshop with IASH Level 1 Singing Bowls (2 days/16Hrs.)

Learn the Art & Science of Sound Healing, in an internationally acclaimed, Advanced level 1 Sound Healing & Training Workshop being offered by “International Academy of Sound Healing” worldwide, with global recognition.

Gong Mastery, Sound Healing and Training Workshop ( 7days/55 Hrs.)

Learn & Experience the art & Science of SOUND healing with World’s one of the most powerful SOUND Healing tool ” Planetary Gong bells” in one of the World’s most Unique & Life transforming ” Gong Mastery Training Workshop”.

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