Spiritual Enlightenment Workshop

One of the unexpected benefits of IASH SOUND healing & meditation is spiritual “awakening.” This is a sense of peacefulness throughout the day, and a 100% engagement with the present moment—without distraction—even when you are not meditating.

If you’ve been looking for happiness, personal growth, spiritual development, Enlightenment, or whatever other names this state of pure, present being is called, IASH SOUND meditation will end your search.

Once you recognize the life-changing power of IASH SOUND meditation and you earnestly, fully embrace the practice, the results will speak for themselves. You’ll experience a peace beyond understanding.

For thousands of years mankind has been baffled by the question as to what is the purpose of human life, why am I born? Where have I come from? And where will I go when I die? Such questions remain unanswered, questions such as what does spirituality really involve, and is it possible to answer this for ourselves? The answer is yes. We are neither here by chance nor by accident, but there is a definite purpose to our life on this physical plane.

IASH SOUND Meditation will surely find the answer to all your queries on your journey to spiritual enlightenment with divine & infinite healing powers of SOUND.

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