Professional Training Workshop

Application & Key Benefits of IASH Advanced Level Sound Healing Therapies

World’s one of the most unique, professional training workshop, applicable in everybody’s life with simple, easy to use, life-transforming, scientifically designed SOUND healing techniques by IASH. A great beginning in the field of SOUND healing for Health Care Professional or Someone aspiring to serve the humanity as SOUND healing professional with extremely rewarding career option.

This training workshop features some of the finest Professional Healing Grade SOUND healing tools, IASH Level 1 Healing Grade Singing Bowls, simple & easy to apply with profound healing effects, innovated by IASH after years of dedicated research.

Workshop Locations: India, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, South & Central America, Mexico & Australia

Workshop Duration: 4 Days/30 hrs. (In-Person)
Enrollment Limit: 20 to 100 participants
Workshop Contribution:
USA, Canada, Europe, Asia: 
USD 999 per person

Note: IASH Level 1 Singing Bowls  Sets, will be provided to each workshop participant for a practice session and is also available for sale at the venue.

Highly Recommended for

1. Any individual who wants to work as a professional Healer, to heal & help others with the infinite healing potential of SOUND, with an extremely rewarding career option.

Being such an easy & effortless therapy with profound healing effects & endless healing possibilities to work with Patients suffering from Physical, mental and emotional distree, Schools Children for Mental Fitness, Hospice Centres, Mentally Challenged Patients, Yoga & meditation practitioners, Spiritual Seekers, offering one on one & group healing sessions to help people with several kinds of physical, mental & emotional distress,  Pets Care, helping people for spiritual growth, etc. makes it the one of most ideal part-time/full-time profession for Health and Wellness Professionals, Educators,  retired people, Home-makers, Students, Teachers or any individual, etc. to earn a decent income while serving people around them.

2. Health Care Professional: Professionals with Medical Background, Deep Meditation & Yoga Trainers, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Body Workers, Massage Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Nature Cure Doctors, Energy Healers Music Therapists etc.

Health Care professionals from any field can easily integrate this amazing Healing Science into their existing methodologies for greater impact & efficient healing.

3. Sound Healing Professionals

Credibility and credentials are necessary to be a true professional. IASH Sound therapy has been refined to do many things. Learn one of the world’s most unique training program with a highly scientific & professional approach in your quest to become a world-class SOUND healing professional with great financial rewards.

Registration Eligibility:

No Prerequisite & Eligibility Criteria are required, Can be joined by anyone :

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Deep meditation & Yoga Practitioners, Reiki, Pranic & Energy Healers
  • Nurses, Physiotherapists, Wellness Coach & Fitness Trainers
  • Spiritual seekers
  • Anyone willing to learn & apply the life-transforming powers of SOUND for self-care.
  • Homemakers
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Corporate / Business Leaders and Employees

( Note: IASH advanced level 1 certified student are allowed to  join Professional level – 1 Training with 50% concession on workshop fees )

Salient Features of  Professional Level 1 Training Workshop: Professional application of IASH SOUND Healing techniques to help people with

  1. Wide range of physical, emotional, psychological, and medical ailments with the Holistic Healing Approach.
  2. Better Relationship
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Mentally challenged patients
  5. Overcome Smoking, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction.
  6. Schoolkids / Children
  7. Pets Care
  8. Relaxation & Stress reduction
  9. Spiritual Enlightenment
  10. ” One on One” Healing Sessions as well as for large gatherings & groups.
  11. ” Self – Healing” & Meditation.

Workshop participants will leave this workshop proficient in the use and Sound healing treatment with Singing Bowls & will be able to integrate this valuable skill the very next day into their deep yoga & meditation practice, Self-healing, spiritual enlightenment, and Professional application of Sound Healing for Stress Reduction, Deep Meditation, Group Healing, Treatment of different kinds of medical disorders as well as help your family, friends with their physical & emotional distress

One gets the opportunity to learn some of the most advanced & easy to use techniques even in a Professional Level 1 training workshop and finish the program knowing that you now are better prepared than 95% of those who claim to be experts in this field.

Become the world’s leading sound healing professional with tremendous success, global recognition & excellent financial remuneration !!!

No prerequisite is Required, Ideal for one & all to take this class, We have participants teenagers to octogenarians from diverse cultural, religious, educational & professional backgrounds, taking this course & working as successful sound healing professionals. This Seminar will make you competent & qualified enough to begin your journey with a large success in the field of sound healing, both personal & professional level.

What You Learn

Science & Philosophy of Sound Healing

Scientific introduction to Singing Bowls: The Most Powerful SOUND Healing tool

Therapeutic approach to play Singing Bowls

Professional approach to offer sound healing “one on one session” & ” Group Healing Session” i.e family/friends or a gathering of hundreds & thousands of People.

Scientific explanation, Demonstration & Hands-on Training, Question & Answer Session of each & every therapy

Learn Some of the most powerful & practical SOUND Therapy Protocols with Singing Bowls, developed & created by IASH after years of dedicated scientific research.

1. IASH Brain Wave Relaxation Therapy –

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

An excellent, highly practical,  IASH Sound therapy, can be easily applied in our day-to-day life for Deep Relaxation, Stress Reduction & Activation of the inner healing mechanisms.

Applicable to any age group infants, Kids, Adults, and old aged people

Salient features of IASH Brain Wave Relaxation Therapy:

  • Teaches the brain to move more easily into the alpha/theta border state known as “the zone” which enhances performance in  sports and arts, and learning and memory abilities
  • Stress reduction through promoting a deep state of relaxation and endorphin release.
  • Fast and effortless achievement of the “relaxation response”
  • Activation and reinforcement of self-healing forces
  • It has a calming effect on hyperactive children
  • Positive influence on ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder ) and autism
  • Learning enhancement through the synchronization of the right and the left brain
  •  Promotes elimination of toxins 

2. IASH Mind Detox Therapy:

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

Mind Detox Therapy with SOUND is a life-transforming technique developed by IASH. This therapy is extremely effective and helpful to heal the hidden causes of physical, emotional, and life problems.

It helps to reduce & remove compulsive thoughts, fears, hates, worries,  anger, etc. to the zero level and enhance positive qualities like Peace, Patience, Love, Joy, Self-confidence, Mind concentration, etc.

By cleansing your mind your soul will shine through you.

our problems are caused not by other people, not by the world, not by the devil, not by anything out there, but by our own minds. And then fix the problem by self-cleansing with the healing SOUND.

“You can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health, more happiness, and more joy by learning to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind with the infinite healing powers of SOUND.

Salient Feature of Mind Detox Therapy:

  • Gentle Sound massage and harmonization of all body cells
  • Relief of blockages and tension in mind and body
  • Letting go of old, outdated patterns in your life
  • Let go of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt, or grief
  • Increase confidence, energy, and vitality levels and feel more alive.
  • Resolve the emotions that may be negatively impacting your habits and behaviors and clear limiting beliefs that are blocking life enjoyment and success.
  • Enjoying more inner peace, confidence and contentment, and much more

3. Hand & Foot Reflex zones Therapy:

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

Hand & foot reflex zones therapy with SOUND medicine is a simple, gentle though extremely powerful & effective IASH Sound therapy protocol practice based on the ancient healing principle that there are reflex points on the feet & palm that correspond to the body’s different organs and glands.

When Sound vibrations are applied to the foot and the palm reflex area, the healing sound vibrations reach each & every major organ in the body through energy channels (nadis), removing the blockages / toxic energies and healing all the organs in the body in a gentle & effective manner.

Hand & foot reflex zones therapy with Sound medicine is an excellent treatment for a wide variety of conditions and has been in use for thousands of years. There is a connection between zones of your feet and hands that represent certain areas of your body that can be adjusted or managed through these zones with Sound medicine.

IASH Certified SOUND healers have been using this amazing healing technique around the world, with amazingly positive results.

Salient features of IASH Hand & Foot Reflex Zones Therapy with SOUND:

Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety

Helps prevent foot and ankle injuries

Lowers Blood Pressure

Stimulate nerve function,

Increases energy
Boosts circulation,
Induces a deep state of relaxation
Eliminates toxins,
Stimulates the central nervous system
Speeds recovery after injury or surgery
Helps relieve sleep disorders


 4. IASH Aura Cleansing & Strengthening :

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

 This therapy is very helpful for patients who have a chronic & critical illnesses.

Our auras, or energy fields, interact constantly with the energy of others. It’s not uncommon for us to take on some of the energy of other people. For example, have you ever been in a great mood, then spent time with someone sour and negative, only to find that your good mood has evaporated? You’ve probably taken on some of the energy of the negative person. Usually, it does not serve us well to absorb others’ energies into our own auras (although there are exceptions).

Our auras can also harbor the energies of unwanted thought forms (such as negative self-images and negative self-talk) and unprocessed emotions. Drugs (prescribed or not) and even food can also taint the aura. Any of these foreign energies can make our energy field less balanced and can cause blockages to the natural flow of energy in our field.

When our auras are harboring unwanted energies, we may feel tired, down, unbalanced, depressed, anxious, “not quite ourselves,” or even ill. We can clear & strengthen our fields through powerful aura cleansing  & strengthening techniques with SOUND.

Key Benefits:

Preventing negative energy to accumulate in your Aura / Energy Field and then penetrating into the physical body.

 Immune System Booster / Enhancer

Clearing past imprints, raptures, and holes that are present in your aura/energy field from childhood and even earlier than that.

Raising your vibrations while and /or immediately after you performed the aura/energy field cleanse.

Feeling uplifted & light many times after performing the Aura / Energy Field Cleanse.

5. IASH Group Meditation & Healing Session :

Therapy duration: 70 – 80 minutes

One of the best & most powerful therapy to heal & help a small or large group of people with infinite healing powers of SOUND in an effortless manner.

IASH Sound Therapies can be effectively applied to a small group of family members/friends and even professionally for larger groups of thousands of people ).

  • Stronger general health
  • Better performance by Students, Athletes, Sportsperson & Business leaders
  • Helps Army, Police, Corporate & Medical Doctors, Airlines Staff, IT Professionals, etc. to cope with the high level of Stress & perform better in their respective fields.
  • Lowers depression risk among Pregnant Women
  • Help the elderly feel less lonely.
  • Less Medical Care
  • Stronger immune function, quicker recovery from illness/injury, reduced risk factors (cardiovascular health, stroke, Diabetes, neurological conditions)
  • Lowering of high blood pressure or hypertension and reduction of atherosclerosis
  • Reduction and management of stress, anxiety, worry and also depression –for example, SOUND meditators have significantly lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) than non-meditators-.
  • Reversal of aging, youth enhancement, and healthy aging  –for example, SOUND Meditators have significantly higher levels of DHEA (the youth hormone) than non-meditators-.
  • Natural weight loss and management of weight
  • Stronger mental health and mental and emotional resilience
  • Management and potential reduction of pain and chronic pain
  • Improved sleep (and quality of sleep) –for example, SOUND Meditators have significantly higher levels of melatonin in their system than non-meditators.
  • Management (physical, mental and emotional) of long-term conditions and illnesses, such as cancer
  • Reduction of migraines and headaches
  • Improves breathing and helps to reduce diseases such as asthma
  • Eliminates many of the Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Helps control hormones during menopause


6. IASH Treatment of General physical ailments 

Several kinds of general physical ailments i.e. Joint pain, Digestive disorders, headache, neck tension, shoulder tension, migraine, fever, lower back pain etc. can be easily treated in an effortless manner with  IASH Singing Bowls and its cutting-edge therapy protocols.

Join Pain / Arthritis :

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

 Imagine something as simple as taking a few minutes each day to ease your chronic joint pain.  IASH Joint pain SOUND therapy is highly effective & helpful in the battle against pain, as well as the depression that often accompanies chronic pain.

“We don’t choose to have arthritis, but we can choose how to respond to and cope with it with the cutting edge IASH Sound Therapy protocols.

Migraine & Head Ache:

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

 For millions of people, living, worldwide, with chronic headaches and migraines, the IASH Sound therapies may offer a chance at real relief. IASH Sound Healing Sessions has been shown to help offset the symptoms of chronic pain including headaches & migraines with just 10-15 minutes of therapy in few sessions. IASH Sound healing sessions are found to be helpful to increase the activity of the part of the nervous system responsible for slowing heart rate and relaxing blood vessels and inhibit the part of the nervous system responsible for stress. Since many headaches are caused or aggravated by stress, tension, and anxiety, IASH Sound Healing techniques may relieve headaches simply by alleviating underlying stress.

Digestive Disorders :

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

 Blood oxygen levels and circulation are multiplied in our Digestive area during IASH Sound Healing Session. This makes digestion so much easier. On top of that, your digestive system’s efficiency will build session after session, providing not only immediate relief but also a long-term solution

 Neck & Shoulder Tension :

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

Most people have suffered from neck & shoulder pain and it is one of the most common modern lifestyle health disorder. Modern chemical pills can offer a quick fix but never provides long-term relief. IASH Sound Healing therapies are the perfect answer to easing recurring or more chronic neck & shoulder pain. IASH Sound Healers & Researchers found a majority of study participants who experienced chronic neck & shoulder pain reported a significant reduction in pain and pain-related complaints after just one or few sessions.

Fever, Cough & Cold :

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

 If you are suffering from a sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and/or fever, you have probably caught a common cold, which scientists lovingly call nasopharyngitis.

And, if you are one of those who is not able to adapt easily to weather changes, start sneezing the moment you breathe pollen, or somehow fall ill very often, you might need to take extra care!

What do you do when you catch a cold? Pop an over-the-counter medicine? How often does it cure your cold? Doctors say that taking the same pill every time you catch cold can make the virus indifferent towards you and your pill.

It is time for a change! Let’s have a look at a few natural methods of treatment with guaranteed results and no side effects.

Did you know that IASH SOUND healing & meditation, an ancient technique of relaxation, can help cure a cold? By now, you must be well aware that immunity and wellness are directly proportional. The stronger your immunity, the healthier you are. Have you wondered how meditation can heal you?

Think of it like this: Immunity is like the army that protects you from potential enemies called antigens. Sound Healing  & meditation to your army is like first aid to a wounded soldier ( that is, when you suffered from illness ) and also increases the strength of your army ( that is, increase immunity ).

On all the days you are unwell, it will restore balance, strengthen your immunity, and heal your body & mind. On all the other days, when you are well, Sound Healing & meditation will give you the best of soldiers to keep you safe and prevent you from potential illness.

There is another way in which meditation heals our body during illnesses.

How do you feel when you are unwell? If you feel low on energy, it is because illness consumes your energy. On the contrary, you can associate well-being with high energy levels. If we receive a SOUND healing session at such times, it will help increase our life-force energy (also called prana), which in turn will boost the immune system. A stronger-than-before immune system helps us fight diseases like the common cold.


 Chronic Lower Back Pain:

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

 If Someone has got Chronic back pain but doesn’t like taking pain relievers all the time, IASH Sound therapy is worth considering. IASH Sound therapy may be more effective than the standard treatment for alleviating chronic low-back pain, as proven & tested over thousands of patients by IASH Sound healing professionals, worldwide.
Standard treatment choices for lower back pain include over-the-counter and prescription drugs, cold & hot compresses, and in some cases, surgery.

IASH Sound therapy is natural, simple, proven & tested technique that offers a permanent cure & immensely helpful to people suffering from chronic lower back pain.


7. IASH Sound Meditation & Self Healing Therapy:

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

IASH Sound Meditation & Self healing therapy is natural and evidence-based health and wellbeing healing process.

Quite simply, the range of health benefits (physical, mental and emotional) are extensive and quite incredible. The learning and practice of IASH Sound & meditation & Self-healing therapy are found to be beneficial for pro-active healthcare, for improving health and wellbeing, and for addressing and managing health challenges, illnesses, and long-term conditions.

IASH Sound healing & meditation enables access to such a vast array of health and wellbeing benefits –and many other benefits-, such as greater brain power and cognitive function, enhanced happiness and quality of life, improved personal and work performance, and better self-esteem, better relationships, etc, etc.


8. IASH Cellular Detox Therapy :

Therapy duration: 60 minutes

 IASH cellular Detoxification therapy with SOUND is an extremely beneficial therapy that can be professionally applied to heal & help your client suffering from several kinds of physical, mental & emotional disorders.

Your client will feel better, Your client will look better, Your client will work better, and Your client will be better.

Naturally, our cells have the ability to vibrate at a very high level. But, when we are exposed to or consume more toxins than our body can efficiently eliminate our body is forced to store the excess toxins in our cells, leading to lower vibration and dis-ease.

We always tell people not to make a big deal of detoxification because detoxification will happen naturally when you start working with SOUND medicine. That’s why some people experience skin eruptions, fever, and flu-like symptoms when they start taking cellular detoxification therapy. Your inner healing mechanism starts pushing all sorts of poisons out of the body to heal any kind of disorder/disease within the body.

 9. IASH Sound Healing & meditation for kids / Children :

Therapy duration: 30 – 60 minutes

IASH Sound Therapy is an ideal treatment for all children and can be easily used at home or in the classroom. Whether your child is developing and performing normally, is exceptionally gifted, or is experiencing some kind of learning or developmental difficulties, Sound Therapy can be valuable support.

IASH’s highly specialized therapy protocols with Singing Bowls is quite effective to help & heal children with learning disability. SOUND Healing is just as effective for babies, as early as in the womb, for children of all ages.

Working with Singing Bowls strengthens a positive attitude and good self-image in children. The relaxed meditative state offers the child a sanctuary from Stress & Restlessness. Singing Bowls expand playful activity, fantasy & creativity in children. The Deep Sounds of Singing Bowls are calming and instill confidence, and enhance concentration. It has miraculous healing effects on children suffering from autism, ADHD, Low self-esteem etc.

10. IASH Sound Therapy for Pets Care:

Therapy duration: 30 – 60 minutes

The healing vibrations of IASH Singing Bowls are one of the best forms of natural medicine to heal pets and animals.  IASH Singing Bowls and their healing vibrations can help calm and soothe anxious dogs. If you find household items mysteriously chewed every time you leave your house, chances are your pooch suffers from separation anxiety.

Clinical studies & researchers show that canine stress levels reduced significantly after receiving just a few sessions with the healing vibrations of Singing Bowls.

The key benefits of IASH Sound Therapy for pets are:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Rehabilitate injuries
  • Reduce pain
  • Gain strength
  • Promote agility
  • Combat problem behaviors
  • Reduce digestive problems

11. Application of SOUND Healing in Pregnancy:

Therapy duration: 30 – 60 minutes

Most women who are pregnant are eager to do whatever they can to make sure their child gets the best possible start at life. Meditation is one potent way to optimize both the mother’s and the womb baby’s health and strengthen the bond between mother and child. The effects of IASH Sound therapy & meditation on pregnancy can have long-lasting effects, not only on mother and child but also on everyone in the family.

IASH Sound Healing & Meditation sessions can reduce the need for surgery, drugs, and anesthesia during delivery.

Key Benefits of IASH Sound Healing & Meditation Session during Pregnancy:

Increased Melatonin:

Melatonin is well known to boost the immune system and overall health. It has a calming effect, improving mood and enhancing contentment and a sense of well-being. Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center confirmed that Sound Healing & meditation heightens levels of melatonin. This means mother and womb baby grow calmer and happier through meditation.

IASH Sound Healing & Meditation sessions reduce heart rate and blood pressure, in turn lowering the risk of pre-eclampsia and pre-term damage to the brain.

Enhanced DHEA:

IASH Sound Healing & Meditation session elevates levels of DHEA in the body, a pregnant woman who meditates presents her womb child with all the vital benefits of this hormone.

DHEA is a hormone with many life-enhancing benefits.

  • Enhances the immune system;
  • Defends against certain diseases;
  • Enhances vitality and youthfulness;
  • Reduces stress and anxiety;
  • Improves mood;
  • Balances brain chemistry;
  • Benefits vision, hearing, muscles, and bones; and
  • Regulates blood pressure.

More Endorphins:

Endorphins have a powerful pain-relieving and pleasure-enhancing effect.

As pain increases during labor, endorphins also increase to help mediate the pain.

The more a woman received SOUND healing & meditation sessions during pregnancy

the higher her endorphin level will be during delivery.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress:

Anxiety suppresses the body’s healthy functioning, especially in terms of the immune system. Anxiety and stress are common accompaniments to pregnancy, with definite side effects.

Anxiety during pregnancy may:

  • Lead to low birth weight;
  • Increase the complications of labor;
  • Increase the risk of miscarriage,
  • Increase the risk of birth defects;
  • Lead to premature delivery;
  • Increase use of prescription medications;
  • Make pain worse during labor; and
  • Stress family members.

IASH Sound Healing & Meditation is a safe way to reduce anxiety and restore the normal functioning of the immune system during pregnancy and childbirth.

Anxiety also reduces pain tolerance. IASH Sound Healing & Meditation not only increases pain tolerance by reducing stress hormones (like cortisol), it also helps the body produce endorphins, which go beyond relieving pain to enhancing pleasure.

12. Better Relationship :

Therapy duration: 30 – 60 minutes

ASH Sound therapy & meditation with Singing Bowls promotes healthy, close, loving & lasting relationship among couples/partners  & family members.

If you want a better relationship with your partner, your family, your colleagues, and – most importantly – yourself, IASH SOUND healing & meditation session is the perfect place to start. Through its calming, focusing techniques, SOUND healing & meditation can help you become a better parent, a better sister/brother, a better son/daughter, a better friend, and a better all-around person by getting in touch with your true nature and your center.

IASH SOUND healing &  Meditation can help you focus on challenging relationships and ongoing issues while providing you with the tools needed to handle future relationship problems. First and foremost, however, SOUND healing & meditation will help you improve your relationships by working on yourself. The more you respect yourself, the better your relationships with others.

It won’t take long before you’ll see the benefits of regular SOUND meditation in your personal life. You will develop the strength to handle stressful situations without fear or panic and you’ll also see benefits in your physical body. SOUND Meditation lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system, making you feel better, think better, and react better.

When you possess more peace within yourself, your relationships will benefit from that composure. When you share more love, patience, and compassion for others, they will very likely respond in a positive manner and your relationships will improve.

SOUND Healing & Meditation also teaches the power of forgiving. Holding a grudge and refusing to forgive can rob a relationship of trust, vitality, and the ability to grow. IASH SOUND Meditation can help you work through such issues and allow you to move forward with healing. Forgiving someone is one of the greatest gifts you can offer.

Relationships are important for connection, community, and growth. SOUND Meditation helps you start with yourself and then focus your attention on creating connections and long-lasting relationships with others.

13. IASH Sound Therapy to overcome addiction:

Therapy duration: 30 – 60 minutes

Like a modern plague, it seems that everyone is addicted to something: whether its alcohol, tobacco, food, coffee, prescriptions, or illegal drugs. Here, we discuss 7 physiological and psychological reasons IASH Sound therapy & meditation is the best, most effective way to overcome any addiction — healthily, and naturally.

1. IASH Sound Healing & Meditation makes you a master of “Urge Surfing” Anyone suffering from addiction knows all about the “urge” — the overwhelming, tunnel-vision-like, super-powerful impulse to satisfy your chosen addictive craving. It can seem like our addictions can sometimes “do us” rather than “us doing them.”

What then, is the best way to loosen the stranglehold these self-destructive impulses have over our lives? The key to witnessing these impulses instead of being controlled by them, Sound Healing & meditation works not by suppression or distraction (which makes things much worse) but by simply stepping aside as the waterfall of urges and cravings come and go, reducing their emotional and physiological intensity over time. When Sound meditation puts you back in the driver seat of your mind, urges downgrade to just another thought, powerless to manipulate you in any way.

2. Getting our addictive “fix” releases the brain’s number one pleasure chemical, dopamine. Meditation does too, but naturally. A 2004 study published in Molecular Psychiatry (Volkow et al) found that when an addict gets their “fix”, high amounts of “euphoric” brain chemicals, “dopamine”, flood certain brain regions ( nucleus accumbens ). Conversely, the study found dopamine levels to be extra low at other times (the crash) — which ultimately forces the brain into seeking more of the drug’s temporary dopamine boost, perpetuating the vicious circle. The researchers postulated how important it was to find a healthy and natural dopamine-releasing activity to effectively counter addictive behavior. What then, is the best solution? Sound Healing & Meditation. A landmark 2002 study from the John F. Kennedy Institute (Kjaer et al) found that dopamine levels of participants were boosted by a whopping 65% during Sound meditation. Just as important, meditators’ dopamine levels remained at an optimally healthy range when not in meditation (no crashing). When Sound Healing & Meditation makes you feel so good, healthily, and naturally, addiction simply falls away.

3. Sound Healing & Meditation has proven to be nearly 6 times more effective than traditional drug treatment programs. A 2006 study by University of Washington researchers (Bowen et al) examined 78 substance-addicted prison inmates for three months. The participants were taught meditation for 10 days, and given questionnaires to self-report their drug use at day 0 and again at day 90. What were the results? Amazingly, the study found that inmates who practiced meditation for 3 months drank 87% less alcohol and used 89% less marijuana. Furthermore, meditation was found to be almost 6 times more effective than the control group’s more traditional chemical dependency treatment plan. Another incredible example of the limitless power of meditation, especially for those who want to rid their lives of addiction.

4. Most addictions stem from the inability to deal with stress. IASH Sound Healing & Meditation makes you immune to stress.

Life likes to test us in many different ways, and we all have a maximum limit for how much we can handle. Crossing our stress ceiling over and over can create emotional turmoil — displayed in the form of anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, etc. If we don’t healthily and naturally deal with this pain, we find ways to cope, like addiction, to feel normal again — to feel good again.

5. IASH Sound Healing & Meditation transforms your central nervous system and brain, shifting your body chemistry out of “fight or flight” survival mode, so that the stress that had you reaching for your once favorite self-medication (alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, etc.) yesterday, will no longer affect you today. By melting away a lifetime of anger, sadness, anxiety, and depression, meditation effectively raises your maximum stress threshold, leaving you immune to all addictions.

IASH Sound Meditation elicits the same brainwaves that doctors use to treat addiction.
IASH Sound healing & meditation is the best way to train the brain into the super beneficial alpha-theta state. As numerous EEG studies show, alpha and theta brainwaves dominate during a meditative state. Indeed, the brain research community has built a mountain of evidence showing that meditation can help immensely in beating addiction, healthily and naturally

6. IASH Sound Healing & Meditation fixes the deep-rooted reasons for addiction. The most effective treatment programs address the true reason for addiction — unhappiness. What is the root cause of unhappiness, and therefore, addiction? Not living consciously. If you are drifting through life, feel you have lost control, or don’t know how you got to where you are, then choosing to live consciously can change everything. Simply put, instead of making choices on autopilot (as most people do), people who live consciously become mindfully aware of everything: every thought, every action, every experience.IASH Sound Healing & Meditation by its very nature is the act of conscious thought examination, it puts you face to face with all that is disharmonious in your life (especially addiction), and brings everything back into harmony. Once meditation has rooted out the true source of your unhappiness, your life will transform on many levels — and highly conscious, mindful, addiction-free living will become natural.

7. IASH Sound Healing & Meditation gives us a “natural high”, activating the brain’s happiness center.

A 2002 study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry (Goldstein et al) examined the role of certain brain regions in drug addiction. What were the results?

They found that the brain’s happiness center, the frontal cortex, to be super stimulated during intoxication (the “fix”), and incredibly under-active during withdrawal (the “crash”). If only there was a better way to activate the frontal cortex! Thankfully, there is.

prominent 2005 study by Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar showed that meditators had significantly more neural density, cortical thickness, and overall activity within their prefrontal cortexes. What does this mean for people wanting to overcome addiction?

Sound Healing & Meditation will stimulate and train your brain to be happy and “naturally high”, without the need for alcohol, prescriptions, marijuana, drugs, cigarettes, or any other addictive substance to feel good. More science confirming age-old meditation wisdom.

SOUND: The Ultimate Medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit : Professional Level 2 Training Workshop with Certification

World’s one of the most intensive & unique, training workshops based on thousands of years old Vedic & Tibetan SOUND healing science to heal Human energy Body, Chakra, Energy Meridians, Deep-rooted Emotional Blockages with the infinite healing potential of SOUND.

This training workshop features some of the world’s most powerful Sound healing techniques & amazingly powerful SOUND Healing tools i.e. IASH Master Chakra Set of Singing Bowls, IASH Ancient Healing Set of Singing Bowls, IASH Energy Meridian Singing Bowl,  based on ancient Vedic & Tibetan Sound healing science to heal & help people with wide range of critical physical, mental & psychological disorders.

Workshop Training Location: India, Asia, USA, Canada & Europe

Workshop Duration: 5 Days ( 40 Hrs. )
Enrollment Limit: 20 – 50 Participants

Workshop Contribution:                                                                                       USA, Canada, Europe & Asia: USD 1199

( Note: For Residential Workshops, Boarding and lodging cost is extra as per actuals. )

Recommended for

Medical Doctors, Health Care Professionals, Deep Meditation & Yoga Practitioners, Spiritual seekers, Massage Therapists, Body Worker, Energy Healers or anyone willing to have an in-depth learning experience with the infinite healing powers of sound.

Registration Eligibility :

IASH Certified Advanced Level /  Professional Level -1 Practitioners / Highly qualified  & Experienced Alternative therapists / Deep meditation practitioner 

Professional Level 2 Training Details

1. Vedic Philosophy & Science: Chakras – The Seven Life Force Energy Centres

2. Science & Philosophy: SOUND is the best medicine to heal & balance Chakras

3. Introduction to IASH Master Chakra Set of Singing Bowls, based on Ancient Vedic principles.

4. Demonstration & Hands-on Training: Practical applications of IASH  Master Chakra Set of Singing Bowls to heal & balance the Chakras, corresponding endocrine glands, all the major organs & psychological activities.

  • Basic Healing
  • Professional Healing
  • Pendulum dowsing and Individual Chakra Healing
  • Chakra Healing Session for groups

5. Vedic Philosophy & Science about Human Energy meridian channels

6. Introduction to Energy Meridian Singing Bowls

7. Demonstration & Hands-on Training:  Practical applications of  Energy Meridian Healing Set of Singing Bowls in SOUND Bath & Detox to heal & nourish us at Physical, Mental & Spiritual Levels.

  • Basic Approach
  • Professional Approach

8.  Introduction to Ancient Healing Set of Singing Bowls

9. Demonstration & Hands-on Training: Treatment of Deep-rooted Emotional Blockages and Sound Healing Science based on Ancient Tibetan principles

10. Introduction to Science of Space Cleansing with Sacred SOUND

11. Demonstration & Hands-on Training: Space Cleansing Demonstration with Ancient Healing Set of Singing Bowls

12. How to handle clients with a professional approach for the best healing result.

13. Professional Training to Help people with specific Critical Physical, Mental & Psychological disorders.

  • Cancer & Tumour
  • Diabetes Type 1 & 2
  • Quick recovery after injuries & surgeries
  • Healing from Childhood Sexual Assault
  • Helps to recover from rape & sexual trauma
  • Recovery from deep traumatic blockages
  • Helps to recover from comatose
  • Heals Blood & Bone disorders
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Endocrinal Disorder
  • ParkinsonAlzheimer
  • Phobia & Bipolar disorders
  • Vision problems
  • Asthma
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Lungs or heart Disorder
  • Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Piles
  • Anorexia
  • Allergies
  • Fertility problem low
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Liver or kidney problems
  • Epilepsy or Other Neurological Disorder
SOUND: The Ultimate Medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit - Professional Level 3 Training workshop with Certification

Learn & Experience the ultimate in sound healing with world’s most unique & powerful Singing Bowls, specifically developed for IASH Certified Sound healing professionals with the clinical set-up. This workshop covers the 6 vital organs of the human body to heal & help critical physical disorders related to Brain, Throat, Heart, lungs, Digestive & Reproductive organs.

This is the world’s most unique training program offered by one & only IASH in the modern world & exclusively designed for IASH SOUND healing professionals for their greater success in healing work.

Workshop Training Locations: India, Asia, Europe & USA
Workshop Duration: 9 Days ( 72 hrs. ) Intensive Training
Enrollment Limit: 30 participants

Workshop Contribution:
USA, Canada, Europe, Asia: 
USD 2499 only

( Note: For Residential Workshops, Boarding and lodging cost is extra as per actuals. )

Salient feature of IASH Professional Level 3 Training Workshop

Learn & Experience the ultimate in sound healing with the world’s most powerful, extremely rare, Therapeutic grade Singing Bowls, developed by IASH & world’s finest Gong Bells by Paiste, Germany

  • Brain Healing Singing Bowl
  • Throat / Thyroid Healing Singing Bowl
  • Circulatory Healing Singing Bowl
  • Cardio-Vascular Healing Singing Bowl
  • Digestive Healing Singing Bowl
  • Reproductive Healing Singing Bowl
  • Huge Size Earth Gong Bell
  • Symphonic Hand Gong bell.

1. Sound healing in Water ( Swimming Pool ): Learn the ultimate art of relaxation & healing in WATER with SOUND. A unique learning experience to cherish for a lifetime.

2. Introduction to Gongs  & Singing Bowls Meditation – Learn how to play Gongs & integrate with Singing Bowls to offer Group meditation & healing Sessions to Students, Athletes, Medical Doctors, Army / Police, Corporate / Business Leaders / Cancer Patients, etc.

3. Learn the science of the Human Body System as per Ancient Vedic philosophy (Annamaya Kosha ( Physical ), Pranamaya Kosha ( Energy ), Manomaya Kosha ( Mind ), Gyanmaya Kosha ( Intellect ), Anandamaya Kosha ( Bliss ) & Application of Sound Healing

4. Learn the science of sacred geometry and human physiology

5. Learn the art & science of  SOUND healing with Yoga & breathing techniques

6. Water Therapy with SOUND to heal several kinds of critical joint pain, Arthritis, bone disorders, etc.

7. Learn how the magical & extremely powerful IASH Level 3 Singing Bowls can help someone with Critical physical disorders individually as well as when integrated with IASH Level 1 & 2 Singing Bowls.

  • Digestive Disorders: Diabetes, Jaundice, Piles / Haemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ), Ulcer, Cancer, etc.
  • Reproductive Disorders: infection, Infertility, functional problems, Tumour and Cancer ( Prostate, Ovarian, Uterine ), etc.
  • Circulatory & cardiovascular: Cardiovascular, Circulatory & Respiratory disorders including Heart problems, Asthma, Tumor & Cancer related to Lungs, Blood & Breast.
  • Thyroid: Thyroid disorder & other diseases related to Throat.
  • Brain: Stroke, Brain Tumours, Alzheimer’s disease, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Bi-Polar disorder, Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, etc.
  • Advanced Cellular Detoxification: Holistic Healing approach to healing critical physical, mental & emotional disorders.

8. Integrating IASH Level 1 ( New Age healing Set ) + Level 2 ( Master Chakra Set  + Ancient healing Set + Energy Meridian Healing Set ) + Level 3 Bowls set to heal Critical physical, mental & psychological disorders.

9. Learn the art of offering Musical concerts with Singing Bowls

SOUND: The Ultimate Medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit - Professional Level 4, Residential Training workshop with Certification

World’s only professional training workshop where the world’s most powerful Ancient Sound healing science & Modern Medical Science, with its state of the art Diagnostic tools, merge together giving a new dimension the Professional Sound therapy in the 21st century.

Workshop Training Location: India

Workshop Duration: 14 Days ( 108 hrs. ) Intensive Training

Enrollment Limit: 20 participants

Workshop Contribution: USD 3499

(Boarding & Lodging extra, as per actuals)

Salient feature of IASH Professional Level 4 Training Workshop

1. Integration of Modern Diagnostic tools with SOUND Medicine

2. Application of EEG in Sound healing –

3. Application of different kinds of Neuro & Biofeedback, Aura Scanning devices in Sound healing.

4. Integration of Different forms of meditation & Yoga, Body Detoxification Science, Ayurveda, Psychology, Breathing Techniques, Colour & Aroma Therapy with Sound healing Science

5.This Unique workshop will be facilitated by a team of Maestro SATYA (The World’s leading SOUND healing professional ), Top medical professionals & Doctors ( Neuro Surgeon ), and Renowned Vedic Philosopher, Yoga & Ayurveda expert.

SOUND: The Ultimate Medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit - Masters Training Workshop ( Level 5 )

Your journey in SOUND healing with IASH concludes here as a MASTER, to spread your light to the world with divine & infinite healing powers of SOUND.

14 Days ( 108 hrs. ) Intensive Residential Training Workshop with Certifications

Workshop Location: INDIA 

Workshop Contribution in USA: USD 3499

Boarding & Lodging Extra

Registration Eligibility :

IASH Certified Professional Level – 4 Practitioners

Salient feature of IASH Masters Level 5 Training Workshop

1. Teacher’s Training

2. Internship programme

3. Self-Development Programmes

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