Tibetan Ancient Healing Set

Tibetan Ancient Healing Set


IASH Ancient Singing Bowls Set is an extremely powerful SOUND healing tool, based on Ancient Tibetan Sound Healing Principles. This  Set consists of 4 pcs. of hand-hammered therapeutic grade Singing Bowls of Specific sizes, shapes, musical notes & Frequencies  + 1 Large Size high-quality Tingsha bell

Singing Bowls No. 1 –  TASB 1

Singing Bowl No. 2 –  TASB 2

Singing Bowl No. 3 – TASB 3

Singing Bowl No. 4 – TASB 4

1 Pc. XL Size Tingsha Bell


Woollen Felt Strikers : 3 Pcs.  ( XL Size – 2 pcs., L size – 1 Pc.)
Leather Strikers: 2 Pc. ( XL Size: 2 Pcs.  )
Cushion: 4 Pcs. (XL Size – 4 pcs. )

Anti Slip Mat: 4 Pcs.
Eco – Friendly Jute bag: 1 Pc

This Powerful SOUND Healing tool consists of 100% Handmade bowls & chosen among hundreds & thousands of bowls for their rich tonal qualities, specific frequencies, perfect musical notes, shapes & sizes.

  • Highly effective to heal long-standing, deep emotional blockages / Traumatic experiences.
  • One of the most powerful SOUND healing tool for PTSD, Rape victims, Child abuse, Sexual abuse, War victims  & Patients suffering from any other kind of traumatic experiences in life like the death of friends & family in a Natural disaster, Accidents, etc
  • It helps to recover quickly from injuries & surgeries.

  1. Highly Recommended For Health Care Professionals working with Patients suffering from Long-standing, Deep Emotional blockages / Traumatic Experiences
Sale Price :   US $ 2099
Shipping Cost: US$ 129 only, for the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & Australia. (For other countries, pls. send an email to info@iash.in to check the shipping cost before placing your order). 
• For the USA, Custom Duties and taxes waived off as per IASH special Promotional offer.
 For other countries customs duties & taxes extra as per actuals as charged by destination customs and directly payable to the courier after receiving customs receipt at the time of delivery. 
•Door delivery within 4 to 6 working days, worldwide, on receiving the confirmation of payment.
•Safe & Fast shipping through the worlds best international couriers     
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