IASH Teacher’s Training Workshop

IASH Level 1 Teachers Training Workshop –

An exclusive Training workshop for IASH Level 3 certified students to sharpen their skill as a trainer and have an in-depth understanding of IASH level 1 Sound therapy with Maestro Satya Brat, before beginning their journey as a trainer to teach IASH Advanced Level 1, Sound: the ultimate medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit, being organized & offered by IASH worldwide with tremendous success and recognition.

IASH 2 days (16 hrs.) Advanced Level 1 training workshop is an internationally acclaimed workshop & exclusively designed for each & everyone i.e. Health care professionals, Deep meditations & Yoga Practitioners, Spiritual seekers, students, parents, teachers or any individual willing to apply Sound Healing for self-care.

IASH certified Level 1 Trainers have been offering their services around the globe and enjoying this highly respectable, Soul fulfilling, financially rewarding & a divine journey on this noble & collective mission to serve the humanity globally with the infinite healing powers of Sound.

 Content to be covered in the workshop :                                        

  1. Welcome note by Workshop Facilitator “Maestro Satya Brat”
  2. A life Transforming Online Meditation Session by Maestro Satya Brat
  3. Introduction: Establishing IASH credentials, helping the group to get to know one another and highlighting the ground rules and expectations of the workshop.
  4. Learn the art & science of a becoming a world’s leading Sound healer & trainers with Maestro Satya Brat

Presentation Dynamics

Understanding the fundamental elements of being a trainer in place.

Taking a look at all that goes into presenting your ideas about Sound Healing effectively and in a compelling manner to any audience. This helps participants use correct approach to deliver their knowledge on Sound healing with greater impact.


Training Fundamentals

To look at the different ways in which one can go about executing a training and development intervention in any organization and knowing what works best.
This section of the program enables participants to learn the various methods in which training can be designed and delivered.


Understanding Client Requirements

Understanding exactly how to uncover the actual need of the individual, team, department or organization and translating that into a format that can be used later.
The section helps participants use the client requirement to understand and create programs that suit the needs of the client and meets the learning objectives they have in mind.


Training Design

Moving from the basics of designing a training program to looking at some of the details and nuances of customization. This section also looks at the elements involved in ensuring that your training design translates into a training delivery.

This section helps participants understand and practice designing their training programs.


Content Development

Translating the training design into actual content that is used during the program by participants and the facilitator. This content will be in the form of PPT, facilitator guides, participant manuals, handouts, and audio or video clips.
This section of the program enables participants to learn the various methods in which content can be designed and delivered.


Ensuring Effective Delivery

Gathering all the tools and techniques necessary to ensure successful training delivery to any group. Looking at the typical areas of concern and ways to overcome them. Learning how to ensure ongoing competence development as a trainer in any area.
This section of the program enables participants to learn the various methods in which content can be delivered.


Monitoring Effectiveness

Understanding different ways of collecting training feedback and gauging training effectiveness. Learning how to apply the different training feedback elements for better quality training programs. Exploring ways of moving every training into a greater level of effectiveness.

This section of the program enables participants to learn the various methods in which training effectiveness can be monitored.


Development as a Trainer

Reviewing your own profile and looking at ways to improve it. Chalking out a plan of achievement and growth as a trainer and working on some of the most critical soft skills required for successful trainers. This section also looks at the way of branding yourself as a successful Sound Healer & Trainer.

This section of the program enables participants to develop the critical aspects of becoming a successful Trainer.

Special Skills

Exploring some of the most contemporary techniques in the area of training and development and learning ways to apply them in workshops.
Participants will learn to use the latest techniques to enhance training delivery and effectiveness


Demo Training Delivery

This is the part of the program where all the learning from is put together in the form of a training delivery with on the spot feedback.
Live demo training delivery that will be videotaped to help participants understand their core training strengths and areas of improvement.


Final Assessment & Conclusion

Here each participant will be gauged in terms of his or her understanding of the aspects covered in the program.
Participants will learn to apply the various concepts that were covered in the program.

Bring out once more the highlights of the program and prescribe a plan for execution.
A quick recap to help reinforce concepts learnt over the last 3 days.


Detailed explanation of every therapy taught in Level 1 by Maestro Satya Brat in a clear & concise manner.

Question & Answer Session

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