application of sound healing with tibetan singing bowls
Feedback from our tibetan singing bowls sound healing workshop / Seminar
A Deep & Magical Experience, not easy to forget!
Rinaldo Romani, Rome-Italy
Satya, I would like to thank you so much for bringing the healing bowls into my life. Since we finished the class I am using the bowls on myself and others everyday and it has changed my Life in ways that I would have never even imagined! I cannot think of having even one day without the singing bowls in my life.Thank YOU again
Manon, Montreal- Canada
Satya, Thank you for all the knowledge what you have shared with us. It was a great workshop and I truly believe, that healing with sound will play an important role in the future.
Rosina Steiner, New York-USA
Thank you for the opening of my new life.
Augusta, Rome-Italy
I was very pleased to attend your workshop! I feel a change in myself after your workshop, now I understand what it means, when you said: "the whole world is open for us".
Zoltan Laczai, New York-USA
Hi Satya...can't thank you enough for the Divine Sacred Sound Healing workshop. Loved workshop and so grateful for the warm group energy created by everyone ♥ ♥ ♥
Shalini Kalra Jacob, New Delhi-INDIA
Thanks, We will do our best to spread this wonderful energy.
Margaret, Rome- Italy
It was a great workshop, very informative and highly educative. Satya was truly motivational and inspirational. My family and I greatly enjoyed the experience.
Reyaz, New York-USA
Thank u Satya Brat for this opening into the sacred world of sound healing
Shivani Vaswani, Mumbai-INDIA.
Feedback about our products
Hi Satya,
I hope you are doing well. Thank you, I received my beautiful master chakra set of bowls. May I first say they fill me with such joy. The tones, the vibrations are such a wonder!
Yoga practitioner (USA)
Dear Mr Satya,
I thank you, my chakra set of bowls arrived this morning in perfect condition. I thank you for matching them up beautifully together…they look beautiful.
Love and Blessings,
Malcolm Smerdon
Sound Massage Therapists (Australia)
Private & professionally use: Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls can be self-administered & can be also practiced for healing & therapeutic effect on others as a professional , Singing Bowls sound Therapist.
There are thousand of practitioners, worldwide, making their living with this amazingly effective therapy.
For a workshop near you, check our workshop schedule. If you would like us to teach in your area please phone us for information, e-mail us at [email protected]
Wellness and Cosmetics: Inner calm, self-confidence, and health are the main factors determining a person's appearance. Sound massage achieves well-being and beauty that comes from within.
Massage and Physiotherapy: Application of sound massage works well with acute physical problems. Blockages can be perceived consciously and can often be eliminated in one or two treatments. Moreover, interrelated events that caused these symptoms can be identified. The patient experiences sound massage as non-threatening. It can be stated with confidence that singing bowl therapy, while being very profound in its effect, is a very gentle therapy.
Medical Practice: Sound massage can support medical treatment, e.g. damaged discs, abdominal, digestive, and heart problems, painful joints, and poor circulation, to name just a few. It not only creates a relaxed atmosphere for doctor-patient communication, it also enables the patient to go into a deeply altered state (the Alpha-Theta brain wave state) in which healing is stimulated. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, an oncologist in New York, treats all his patients not just with conventional medicine, but also with singing bowls. He writes in his book: "The Healing Power of Sound" "...the very first time I heard the ringing vibrations produced by the bowls I knew I had stumbled upon one of the most potent healing tools I would ever encounter…"
Therapy and Psychotherapy: Due to their deeply relaxing and hypnotic effect the singing bowls are an invaluable asset in the wide field of psychotherapy. The use of the bowls is impersonal and non-judgmental, and within the deep relaxation the therapeutic process can begin.
Other areas of application:
• Obstetrics
• Nurseries and schools
• Retirement and nursing homes
• Working with handicapped people
• Speech therapy
• Care of the dying
Effects of Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls
• Fast and effortless achievement of the "relaxation response"
• Gentle sound massage and harmonization of all body cells
• Relief of blockages and tension in mind and body
• Activation and reinforcement of self-healing forces
• Increased self-confidence
• Enhanced creativity
• Increased productive energy
• Optimism and "joie de vivre", a feeling of happiness
• Letting go of old, outdated patterns in your life
• The inner strength to follow though on new resolutions
• During pregnancy it calms the mother and her unborn child and prepares both for an easier delivery with less pain
• It has a calming effect on hyperactive children
• Positive influence on ADD and autism
• Learning enhancement through the synchronization of the right and the left brain
Benefits of Sound Massage
• Activates self-healing mechanism of the body
• Promotes elimination of toxins
• Promotes deeper and more profound sleep
• Promotes dream recall
• Promotes feelings of deep abiding calm
• Relief from pain
• Relief from headache, fatigue, insomnia, PMS, digestive disorders, emotional imbalances, joint or muscle pain
• Better integration of left and right hemisphere of the brain
• Teaches the brain to move more easily into alpha/theta border state known as “the zone” which enhances performance in  sports and arts, and learning and memory abilities
• Stress reduction through promoting a deep state of relaxation and endorphin release
• Chakra balancing
Self-Healing: (as opposed to curing) the process by which an individual experiences both permanent physical recovery and spiritual growth. The traditional Tibetan singing bowl with its powerful overtones can cause the individual to achieve the "relaxation response" effortlessly.
You will feel the vibrations travel through your body, generating a feeling of expansion and well-being. You start to drift and daydream as the sound waves wash through your cells with their rejuvenating and strengthening power. At the end of the session you feel regenerated.
If good music is nourishing, the singing bowls can be compared to the most basic and "digestible of all sound diets". With our innate trust in these harmonious sounds and the pleasurable response they cause throughout our body, we soon start to breathe deeper and our thoughts calm down. Quickly we reach "the zone" and are capable of self-healing and accomplishing our very best.
Vibrational healing with the bowls also serves as a powerful key to unlock emotional trauma trapped within our subconscious." Thoughts being vibrations, bowl therapy offers a deeper plane of healing that involves greater emotional and mental clarity." Many individuals report increased awareness after each session.
Relaxation response:
Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard's Mind Body Institute who has studied stress reduction for 35 years defines the relaxation response as "a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress for example, decrease in heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension." Regular elicitation of the relaxation response has been scientifically proven to be an effective treatment for a wide range of stress-related disorders. In fact, to the extent that any disease is caused or made worse by stress, the relaxation response can help."