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Maestro Satya Brat, the Founder & President of "Academy of Sound Healing" an international Sound Healing and Training Organization, offering Sound Wellness Awareness Lectures, Seminars, Training & Concerts in all the major cities of the World. He has received training from globally renowned sound healing experts and gurus. He has traveled across the globe participating in seminars and workshops. In the last decade, Maestro Satya has been a pioneer of the domain being a key contributor in taking the sound healing concept global.

Master Satya’s passion for healing was ingrained from an early age as scholars specializing in Vedic sciences were regularly invited home by his family. He had a deep interest in Yoga and alternative medicine as a child which materialized with age. He received a degree in Science from Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta and pursued his interests in healing using his academically acquired scientific knowledge. He was a successful business entrepreneur and he was exporting Oilwell and Water well drilling equipment around the globe. But in 2005, He met with a serious car accident while travelling on a business trip. he was on the bed for more than 6 months went through lots of sufferings because of some mistakes done by medical doctors during surgery and side effects of some very powerful chemical medications. That's when he decided to go back to Natural, traditional healing science, that he learnt as a hobby from childhood for his own health and wellness and devoting his time for the betterment of humanity.

He has pursued extensive study in the field of Nature cure, Traditional Medicine system & Sound healing for last several years, and since 2011, He has been offering One of its kind, World's Most intensive Training in the field of Sound Therapy with cutting edge Sound Healing Protocols, Easy to apply, highly practical and 100% Scientific approach. He has touched and transformed the lives of thousands of people and his several students working in the field of health and wellness as Health Care Professionals and Trainers across the 6 continents with tremendous success, respect and great financial remuneration.

Master Satya is an active social worker, always ready to serve the humanity and associated with several international social service and spiritual organizations.

He has been doing his research work in the field of Sound Healing with Singing Bowls & Gong Bells for more than two decades & has gained a high authority on Singing Bowls & Gong Bells as a product, its therapeutic, spiritual & musical aspect after having worked with some of the highly specialized Spiritual masters, Scientists & musicians worldwide.

After his years of learning, experience & in-depth research work, Maestro Satya Brat has been offering his knowledge in a condensed format in his workshops / Seminars, worldwide with great global recognition.

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